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The Society's newsletter, Enfield Society News (formerly TES News and before that EPS News ), is published four times a year and sent to all members. Recent issues are available on this Web site in a searchable "pdf" format. This needs the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which is available on most computers. If you do not already have it you can download it for free – click this "Get Adobe Reader" button for details: Get Acrobat Reader

Sample issues of newsletter

Enfield Society newsletters:

No.210, Summer 2018

No.209, Spring 2018

No.208, Winter 2017

No.207, Autumn 2017

No.206, Summer 2017

No.205, Spring 2017

No.204, Winter 2016

No.203, Autumn 2016

No.202, Summer 2016

No.201, Spring 2016

No.200, Winter 2015

No.199, Autumn 2015

No.198, Summer 2015

No.197, Spring 2015

No.196, Winter 2014

No.195, Autumn 2014

No.194, Summer 2014

No.193, Spring 2014

No.192, Winter 2013

No.191, Autumn 2013

No.190, Summer 2013

No.189, Spring 2013

No.188, Winter 2012

No.187, Autumn 2012

No.186, Summer 2012

No.185, Spring 2012

No.184, Winter 2011

No.183, Autumn 2011

No.182, Summer 2011

No.181, Spring 2011

No.180, Winter 2010

No.179, Autumn 2010

No.178, Summer 2010

No.177, Spring 2010

No.176, Winter 2009

No.175, Autumn 2009

No.174, Summer 2009

No.173, Spring 2009

No.172, Winter 2008

No.171, Autumn 2008

No.170, Summer 2008

No.169, Spring 2008

No.168, Winter 2007

No.167, Autumn 2007

No.166, Summer 2007

No.165, Spring 2007

No.164, Winter 2006

No.163, Autumn 2006

No.162, Summer 2006

No.161, Spring 2006

No.160, Winter 2005

Contributions in the form of articles, photographs, letters to the editor and comments on current issues within the scope of the Society are most welcome, and should be sent to We may not be able to publish everything, and the editor reserves the right to shorten or modify contributions. All items will be attributed to their authors – anonymous items will not be published.

Contributions for the Summer 2018 issue should be received by Friday 20th April 2018. It will be posted to members on Tuesday 15th May.

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